Carbon and Climate Change Climate change is a term that it is often used to describe the heating of the planet.

One of the things that keeps the Earth’s thermostat warm enough for plants and animals to survive is the presence of so called ‘greenhouse gasses’- such as carbon dioxide - that trap heat from the sun and Earth to keep the Earth’s atmosphere warm. This acts like a blanket around the Earth.

Sometimes this ‘blanket’ can get too thick if you add too many of these gasses. This ends up causing the polar ice caps to melt, you knock out the balance of the Earth’s weather patterns and you cause dry areas to become even drier!

This is exactly what we have seen in recent years and evidence shows that this is largely attributed to human activity. By doing things like burning fossil fuels that release carbon, we are artificially increasing the thickness of this blanket - with dangerous consequences.

So what can we do to reduce our carbon production and the impact we have? We can all make a difference by choosing low carbon products and by changing our daily habits and lifestyles slightly - so why not take a small step today, see how you can start increasing your use of renewable resources.