Trees - A Low Carbon ChoiceForests are important for a healthy climate as trees absorb carbon and generate oxygen. So it's good to know that most of this carton comes from wood, a natural, renewable resource.

As plants and trees grow, they absorb carbon through a process called photosynthesis. This is where they combine carbon dioxide, water and light to make their food and build stores of energy.

In fact, it is during this process that they also release oxygen and is the reason why forests are called the ‘lungs of the earth’.

It is interesting to know that despite the fact that the average carton is made up of 73% paperboard, the paperboard only accounts for a low proportion of the overall carbon footprint of the package - meaning that the share of renewable content helps lower the overall carbon footprint of the carton. A detailed chart of this available on the right under 'Indicative Carbon Profile'.

We are committed to ensuring the forests we source from are responsibly managed to ensure that this holds true.