Uganda Situated in the Bushenyi District, in Uganda, this small scale community based agro-forestry programme is operated under the Plan Vivo model.

The programme aims to:

  1. Build the capacity of farmers and project implementation partners in the administration of carbon projects.
  2. Increase household incomes through carbon payments that would enable farmers meet costs of tree establishment to meet their tree products requirements while contributing to climate change mitigation.
  3. Conserve biodiversity by promoting planting of indigenous tree species

So far the programme has proved a huge success, with more and more farmers signing up to participate each year.

The revenue generated through the initial sales of the carbon credits helps meet costs for small-scale forestry activities in Uganda, thus enabling rural communities to invest in sustainable resource management. The project also allows them to gain further access to markets for timber, fuel wood, pole wood, fruit and fodder that might not have previously been as accessible. Additional income support can also be provided through nursery establishment and the production of seedlings.

A participating farmer says:

“These trees will help to pay for my children’s school fees.” Betsi Nsigyerewot


Project Overview

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