Local Authorities &
Community Groups
Many Local Authorities and Community Groups are already putting good intentions into practice. Mid Devon Community Recycling Project has now been offering kerbside collection since 2004. Their experience has been extremely positive, finding it revenue neutral, and increasing participation in overall recycling. Norfolk County Council is another great example, and began a trial scheme in early 2006. Pleased with the results, the council expanded the scheme to include carton facilities to all of its Recycling Centres.

To find out some of the benefits that can be offered in collecting cartons, please on the 'why recycle?' link.

Tetra Pak’s National Recycling Officers, are here to help Local Authorities that want to start collections. To support them with this, Tetra Pak and the carton industry under ACE UK (Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment UK) offer a cost neutral bring bank solution to all Local Authorities not yet collecting.

If you work for a Local Authority or Community Group and would like to discuss any of the solutions available to help in the set up up a carton collection schemes in your area, please contact us here.

If you are a Local Authority looking for materials to help make the most of carton recycling, please click here.