Many Local Authorities use waste collection companies and feed recyclate into the same sorting facilities. By partnering with these Local Authorities, collection companies or sorting facilities, we can work towards a kerbside collection solution.

In 2006/7, Tetra Pak and ACE UK (Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment UK) have partnered with Grosvenor who own one of the UK’s largest sorting facilities to enable them to offer carton collection services to the Local Authorities using the facility. Grosvenor has now been merged in to Virridor.

Just like any other material, sorting facilities across the world use a number of different solutions to separate cartons from other materials that are collected – These range from people picking the cartons manually off conveyor belts to high-tech infrared recognition systems that shoot the cartons off the line. Where these sorting systems are in place, consumers can put cartons in their recycling box with everything else - nice and easy!

Sometimes getting to this is also about awareness. Over the past few years, as people have become aware that cartons are in fact recyclable, we have seen significant growth in the number of Local Authorities collecting cartons at the kerbside for recycling. Now one in four Local Authorities do this, offering a better recycling service to the people that live in their areas.