Why Should Cartons
Be Recycled?
Carton recycling is important for a number of different reasons.

Saving Resources We do not live in a world with unlimited resources, something that Ruben Rausing, Tetra Pak’s founder, recognised when he insisted that 'a package should save more than it costs'. In one sense this meant that a using a carton to protect food should save money. But he also meant that the environmental benefits of cartons, which reduce food waste and energy intensive refrigeration, should out-weigh the environmental impact of producing the package itself.

If you are able to then use the raw materials of that package to make something else, then so much the better. The long, high-strength paper fibres in cartons can be made in to an array of paper-based products that may not be able to use the shorter, weaker fibres that can be found in other paper recycling sources. In fact, our Sustainability Reports in the UK are all printed on recycled carton paper!