Schools can now recycle cartons!

Cartons are widely recyclable across most parts of the UK. We and the carton industry have invested substantial amounts of time and money in to ensuring that most consumers in the UK can now recycle their cartons. Until now, the infrastructure which we have built has only been available to Local Authorities and community groups for household recycling.

But that has all changed!Your local council is responsible for collecting your school's waste, but we have developed a solution to help schools and their councils to set up carton recycling. And now many schools can recycle their cartons too!

To create this service, we have worked closely with our contractors to develop a simple system that allows schools to link directly in to their local contractor to recycle their cartons. This is available across many parts of the UK. We are partly subsidising this project, although unfortunately we cannot provide you with a cost neutral service. This is only Phase One of the project for schools, so there is more to come!

We will shortly begin developing Phase Two of our Schools Carton Recycling project. In Phase Two, we will be looking at how to make carton recycling work within your school gates. We will be working up a comprehensive solution that investigates and addresses many of the barriers faced when recycling cartons in schools (time, logistics etc.). This will make it easier for you (or your council) to implement carton recycling in your school. Please note: Phase Two will not be a cost neutral solution.

So how do I go about setting up carton recycling for my school?
Click here to find out how to set up a collection, what to do if there isnít a contractor for your area yet, why you have to pay for the collection and how to find out more about Phase Two.

School ActivitiesCarton Crafts:
Why not have fun with your cartons!?! Get creative with our carton craft kit so that you and your class can make some fun things out of your used cartons.

Or why not choose to inspire others. Help us add more designs to our carton craft activities to allow classes across the country to ‘get creative’ using your ideas! It’s simple! Just email your design to us at the following address, complete with design instructions. These will not appear immediately, but all the best designs will be uploaded for everyone to see and use.

Recycling Challenge:
Don’t forget – there is nothing stopping you and your class from recycling  the cartons you use at home. We each use around 55 cartons per year – that means around 126 cartons for the average household!

Why not challenge your friends and family to recycle their cartons at home (and even at work). See who in your class can get the most people to start recycling cartons.

Please note: you cannot put cartons from your school or business into the Local Authority carton recycling banks. You need to use a dedicated school or business collection.
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Why not join our pledge and get everyone in your class or even the school to pledge. Everyone can pledge to recycle their cartons online and enter our competition. You can even download the pledge button onto your website and tell everyone that your school pledges to recycles its cartons.


More information about cartons for classroom work:
To find out more about the environmental profile of cartons, please have a look around this website! They are made mainly from a natural, renewable resource – wood – and are a low carbon choice. Cartons also protect your milk and juice from harmful sunlight!

If you have any further questions or cannot find what you are looking for, try our Schools FAQs page.