Raising AwarenessDespite how important choosing renewable resources are in helping us reduce our impact on the planet's natural resources, not enough people are aware of what they are or why they matter.

We are committed to helping people to understand this better. Just some of the work we have done to do this is outlined below.

On pack labelling

To ensure that people know that they are choosing cartons made by us and therefore cartons which meet the rigorous standards we set to protect the products in our cartons and the forests that our paperboard comes from, we work with our customers to put our Tetra Pak 'Protects Whats Good' logo on pack and to label our packs with the FSC stamp of approval to show that the timber used to produce labelled cartons is from responsibly managed forests or other controlled sources. Currently in the UK and Ireland around 1 billion cartons are labelled with the FSC logo each year.

The FSC license code of Tetra Pak is FSC C014047

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