The Benefit Of Using Renewable MaterialsIf managed properly, renewable resources are those which can be used to supply our demand at a sustainable rate - so that those that are consumed are replaced, and we can carry on using them for years to come without running out.

Responsible forestry management has wider benefits too. Forests are home to a vast array of different animals, plants and people. Looking after forests properly protects biodiversity and preserves livelihoods. Not only that, the use of renewable paperboard, made using renewable energy helps make our cartons a low carbon packaging choice.


Forests are often described as a melting-pot of biodiversity. With good forest management and protection, biodiversity can flourish. This has clearly been demonstrated in the Nordic countries, where much of our paperboard comes from. They are home to around 40,000 species of plants, animals and fungi. Whilst we have essentially lost them in the UK, the Nordic forests have still held on to four of Europe's large predators - the bear, wolf, wolverine and lynx - and their numbers are still increasing here.

Even moose populations have also benefited from forestry and hunting regulations, after facing immediate threat at the turn of the last century!

Preserving Livelihoods

Forests have acted as a home for a number of people and communities over the centuries. They have often existed in harmony with their surroundings for great lengths of time, living off the forest and its resources, whilst relying on sustainable resource use and the renewal of these resources to enable them to continue doing so.

Our paperboard comes from mills that are regularly situated quite close to these forests. The mills often act as a key employer for the local communities where they operate and can act as a contributor to their overall well being.

These communities are often small, and our paperboard producers are both major local employers and significant business partners for many other local enterprises.

Forests are also an important resource for tourism. They provide a natural environment for people to enjoy activities like hiking, camping, fishing and berry-picking.

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