The Benefit Of Using Renewable MaterialsCartons are made mainly from a natural, renewable material – wood in the form of paperboard (around three quarters of the package). How many packaging systems for liquid food and drink can claim that?

The answer is not many!

At Tetra Pak we prefer using renewable resources as they can either be re-grown or re-produced rather than using up finite natural resources.

Not only that, our link to forests has a broader environmental benefit as trees absorb the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow. This is one of the key reasons why cartons are such a low carbon packaging choice!

They also act as a home to a vast array of different animals, plants and people. By ensuring the continued use and protection of this resource it can also preserve livelihoods and biodiversity.

The value of using renewable materials is only true if the forests we use are managed responsibly and this is why we have now rolled out FSC certified board for 75% of the cartons we sell in the UK & Ireland.