Increasing Renewable Content So if around ¾ of our package is made from a renewable material, what about the rest of it?

As you can well imagine paper does not react well to liquids, so we use plastic to water-proof it and in the case of our long-life packs, we use a very thin layer of aluminium to keep oxygen away from the carton’s contents.

This allows your milk, juice or food to be stored for up to or over a year, without the need for refrigeration or preservatives. Just imagine how much electricity that could save!

In a modern world however, people are demanding more openings, shapes and sizes on our cartons, this has generally meant more plastic and less paperboard.

As renewability plays such a vital role in our environmental programme, we’re exploring new types of packaging – reducing the use of foil could have a significant impact on the CO2 footprint of our cartons.

We’re even exploring the use of new types of plastics which come from renewable rather than oil-based sources!