Increasing Renewable ContentSo if around ¾ of our package is made from a renewable material, what about the rest of it?

As you can well imagine paper does not react well to liquids, so we use plastic to water-proof it and in the case of our long-life packs, we use a very thin layer of aluminium to keep oxygen away from the carton's contents.

This allows your milk, juice or food to be stored for up to or over a year, without the need for refrigeration or preservatives. Just imagine how much electricity that could save!

In a modern world however, people are demanding more openings, shapes and sizes on our cartons, this has generally meant more plastic and less paperboard.

To tackle this issue head on, we started to source renewable polymers of the production of our first polymer closures from bio-based sources in 2011. In 2012, 610 million of our cartons had bio-based caps. Our aim is to offer closures made from bio-based renewable sources across our full packaging range. How quickly this happens will depend mainly on the availability of polymers from renewable sources, which is currently very limited.

To find out more, about our work to increase the renewable content of our packs, click here.

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