Responsible Forest Management To ensure responsible forest management, we operate a double-staircase forestry policy that ultimately aims to

  1. Ensure independent certification of the traceability of our paperboard to the forests from which they come.
  2. Ensure independent certification that our paperboard comes from responsibly managed sources.

Our preferred standard of independent certification is Forest Stewardship Council certification. You would have probably seen this in your local DIY store, and it is widely recognised as one of the highest standards of independent forest management certification around.

To work towards this, we are members of the WWF UK Forest Trade Network and have now rolled out FSC certified board for 75% of the cartons we sell in the UK & Ireland.

We insist that all our wood fibre is fully traceable and come from known legal and acceptable sources. In fact, all of the European mills which we source our paperboard from already have verified FSC Chain of Custody Certificates in place to demonstrate this traceability.