Suppliers The relationship we have with our suppliers is critical not only in ensuring progress towards meeting our environmental objectives, but also in enabling us to continue to produce quality products for our customers.

We have developed the global ‘Common Agenda’ initiative which operates across the company to encourage dialogue about business issues, including environmental performance, with the suppliers of all our main raw materials – paperboard, polymers, aluminium and ink.

For paperboard as an example, we insist that all our wood fibre is fully
traceable and come from known legal and acceptable sources. This is why all of the European mills which we source our paperboard from already have verified FSC Chain of Custody Certificates in place to demonstrate this traceability.

Our suppliers’ environmental performance is also an important factor in
purchasing negotiations, contributing between 3% and 10% of their overall score. In the UK, we also monitor our suppliers’ environmental performance by sending them an environmental questionnaire on an annual basis.