Why Renewable?At Tetra Pak®, we understand the importance of looking after our planet's resources. That's why we prefer to use materials that can be re-grown or reproduced. These materials are called renewable resources

These materials are called renewable resources.

If managed properly, renewable resources are those which can be used to supply our demand at a sustainable rate - so that those that are consumed are replaced, and we can carry on using them for years to come without running out.

Our cartons are made of around 73% wood fibre in the form of paperboard - a natural, renewable resource. Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer a fully renewable carton package for liquid food.

But that is not all. The timber used to produce our paperboard must be from responsibly managed forests or other controlled sources. Therefore, we also have an ambitious goal to have all the paperboard we source FSC certified and around 1 billion of our cartons in the UK & Ireland carry the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label. To find out what we are doing globally to meet our renewability and sourcing goals, click here.

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