Business FAQs Is it true that cartons from a business can be recycled? Yes, we have worked with our contractors to set up a system that allows you to use our infrastructure. Click on the business tab and follow the instructions to set up your collection.

How do I set up carton recycling from my business? Click on the business tab of our website and follow the instructions to set up your collection.

How do I find out what district council area my business is in? Follow this link to and fill in your address. The website will then tell you which District Council area your business premises are in.

There is no contractor for my area, how can I get cartons recycled from my business? We are still working on finding contractors to collect cartons from businesses in some parts of the country. If there is not a contractor collecting cartons in your area, please contact us on Please make sure you include the name of the district council where your company is based. It will also be useful if you tell us who currently collects your waste for recycling. We will store your information on our database until we have a contractor for your area. We will email you to tell you when we have a contractor to cover your area..

How do I calculate the weight of the cartons I produce? There are a number of ways to do this:
• You may know how many cartons you use. In which case, you can multiply that by the average weight of a carton. An average dry weight for a carton is 20g. Please note, this is an average carton weight taken across all pack sizes. Just a couple of teaspoons of liquid in a carton can weigh as much as the package itself. Contractors may also reject cartons material that contains too much liquid.

• You may know the total weight/volume of the waste you dispose of and if you don’t know it is easy to find out. A simple waste audit will tell you the percentage of that material that is made up of cartons.

An 1100 can hold approximately 80- 100kg of washed and squashed cartons.

I’ve got my quotes. What next? If you’ve got more than one quote, pick a contractor. Then use the information in the quote to set up a collection. Once you have set up your collection, the contractor will provide you with everything you need including, appropriate containers and information about the scheme.

What size container will I have? Your contractor will be able to provide you with advice on the most appropriate container for your material and the frequency you need. The containers available vary from contractor to contractor, but most contractors do a range of containers suitable for collections as small as one bag to as large as commercial compactors.

What things can I put in my collection? This varies from contractor to contractor as some contractors will collect cartons with other materials. Please check with your contractor or consult the details of your scheme provided by your contractor.

All types of paper based liquid food and drinks cartons*, such as those made by Tetra Pak, can be recycled using the scheme. Please wash and squash before recycling your cartons.

Please do not put anything other than the items listed by your contactor into your recycling bin, as it will contaminate the whole load.

*Please do not put plastic bags, cans, cardboard or plastic bottles in the collection unless your contractor has told you that they can take them in the same recycling container.

Do I have to remove the plastic cap or straw from my carton before recycling? No. The caps and straws can be left on. They will be removed during the recycling process.

Do I need to wash and squash my cartons? We advise that you wash your cartons to reduce any potential problems with odour or pests. You also need to squash your cartons as otherwise you will be paying to dispose of air or liquid and you won’t be using your bin to its full capacity. You can fit three times as many cartons in your recycling bin if you squash them first. Remember that just a couple of teaspoons of liquid in a carton can weigh as much as the package itself.

How are the cartons recycled? Once collected, the cartons are taken away to be baled and transported to a recycling mill. They can be recycled into a number of different products, ranging from plasterboard liner to high-strength paper bags and envelopes.

I have a question about, or a problem with, my service. Who should I contact? Click on the page for your contractor and contact them using the contact details listed.

All quotations offered by the contractors and accepted by any commercial business and services supplied thereafter, will constitute an agreement between those parties. Tetra Pak Ltd and ACE UK will not be party to, or deemed to be involved in any way with such agreements between the two parties.

Does Tetra Pak make any money from this scheme? No. We are working with our ACE UK partners and together we are actually subsidising the processing of cartons for recycling from businesses. This is not our service. We have helped to facilitate it to maximise carton recycling in the UK.

Why do I have to pay to have my cartons collected from my business? Can’t I just put them in my local bank? Business waste (also called Commercial or Trade waste) is not treated the same way as the waste from your home. All businesses are responsible for the waste they produce and have to pay to dispose of, or recycle their waste.

You cannot put business or school's waste into our Local Authority bring banks because they are only for 'non charged for household waste', like the waste from your home. If you are found leaving commercial waste at one of the bring sites you could face enforcement action, including cost recovery for the disposal of the material and possible prosecution.

This website from the Environment Agency gives you more information about your duty of care as a business.

My question hasn’t been answered. How do I contact you? This is not our service, we have facilitated it, but it is provided by the contractors that we use. If your question is not for a contractor or answered above, then you can contact us on