Life Of A Carton Life Cycle Analysis Read below the life cycle diagram below to find out more...

Life Cycle Analysis Understanding the environmental impact of a product throughout its life is an important mechanism by which a person can identify choices to minimise their environmental impact.

This is measured through a process called Life Cycle Analysis/Assessment (LCA). LCA is a tool that helps to identify and assess the environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle, identify areas for improvement and communicate the environmental profile of our products. LCAs help us to focus our attention on product-related environmental issues that are most important to address from an environmental impact point of view. In our work, we follow the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) 14040 international standards on LCA to ensure credibility, transparency and comparability.

LCAs are used worldwide in product and policy developments. e.g. In Germany, a LCA performed by the German Federal Environment Agency was used to determine which packaging systems should be subject to a packaging deposit.

Cartons were the only one way packaging system made exempt from this deposit as they were classified as ‘environmentally advantageous’ under the German packaging law. Using the same LCA method, our German industry association (FKN) commissioned a new LCA in 2006 which confirmed the long term environmental benefits of the cartons.

Although LCAs can be very subjective and are highly dependent upon the importance placed on a number of different environmental impacts, cartons repeatedly perform very well.