Life Of A Carton Minimising Emissions Read below the life cycle diagram below to find out more...

Minimising Emissions Within our manufacturing operations we strive to minimise our environmental impact through a number of different initiatives such as waste minimisation and maximising energy efficiency. To achieve this, all our carton manufacturing plants apply environmental management systems certified to the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard.

In addition to this, Tetra Pak in the UK and Ireland has a carbon management program that aims to:

1) Measure our carbon footprint.
2) Reduce our carbon emissions.
3) Offset or neutralise all of our unavoidable emissions.
4) Report on our progress publicly

Between 2001 and 2008 we reduced our absolute carbon emissions by almost 39% and our carbon emissions per carton by over 27%.

Not only does this take into account the carbon emissions of our manufacturing operations, but it also represents the carbon emissions produced in our business mileage and the distribution of packaging material to our customer sites within the UK and Ireland, from our UK manufacturing site.

Our global climate goal aims to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% by 2010, whilst increasing manufacturing output. This will be done through energy efficiency programmes and through the purchase of green energy. Already over 29% of the energy used by our manufacturing operations worldwide comes from renewable sources.