Life Of A Carton Minimising Resource Use Read below the life cycle diagram below to find out more...

Minimising Resource Use One of the challenges we face is reducing the material we use while still keeping food in perfect condition in the shops. If we “gold plate” our cartons, we use more natural resources than we need to, but cut back too much and food waste starts to increase and cause its own environmental damage. Our research teams constantly strive to identify how we can reduce the materials we use without compromising food safety.

We aim to develop packaging materials which offer a superior environmental profile while meeting demands of the value chain e.g. distribution, storage and functionality.

It does not make economic or environmental sense to use more materials than necessary, and Tetra Pak continually works to develop mechanisms to minimise this input.

This is done through our innovation process for product development, using a range of tools that not only look at the immediate resource use of the product, but at the potential impact of a product throughout its life, more commonly known as life cycle impact of the product. These tools include:

Design for the Environment Design for the Environment is about designing products in such a way that their environmental impacts are understood and minimized. At Tetra Pak, environment is part of the design process and we have developed a comprehensive DfE manual to guide development activities. We use DfE as a tool to improve the environmental performance of new and existing packages and machines.

Life Cycle Assessment LCA is a tool to identify and assess the environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle, identify areas for improvement, and communicate the environmental profile of our products. LCAs help us  focus our attention on the most impactful product-related environmental issues. In our work, we follow the ISO 14040 international standards on LCA to ensure credibility, transparency and comparability.

EU Packaging Standards* EN 13427 – EN 13428 – EN 13429 – EN 13430 – EN 13431 – EN 13432, OJ EU, C044,

Just some of our achievements have been summarised in our Carton Structure diagram.