Life Of A Carton TransportRead below the life cycle diagram below to find out more...

Transport Transport efficiency is essential in trying to reduce the number of trucks on our roads and the amount of emissions they produce. Cartons are ideal for this.

As our cartons are only formed and filled on our customer sites, most of our cartons are delivered in giant rolls of packaging material. Just one truck can transport enough packaging to make nearly 1 million standard 1 litre cartons*. It would take over 50 trucks to deliver the same number of formed bottles.

Even after filling, the carton’s shape enables more packages to be loaded on to a pallet i.e. 1 pallet can generally hold at least 33% more 1 litre cartons* than the equivalent in formed bottles with a round base.
* Tetra Brik 1000ml

We make sure that we assess our transport suppliers on an annual basis to ensure they meet our requirements on the environment. They are all graded against a 14 point questionnaire, where they receive a green, red or amber rating. All red transport suppliers are phased out and all green transport suppliers are preferred. Amber suppliers can still be used where necessary, but they are required to improve their performance. This system has worked very well for us for a number of years and suppliers welcome the clarity it brings.