Product Innovation Makes Recycling Easier 10/02/2014

Recycling is even easier with the new Tetra Top® with Separable Top from Tetra Pak. The innovative design enables the consumer to detach the plastic from the carton sleeve in one swift movement. The container has a simple thumb press, thanks to a pre-cut perforation on the outer layer of the cardboard. The lid can be separated from the carton without affecting the functionality of the package, allowing both parts of the carton to be recycled with ease.

To view the launch film for Tetra Top with Separable Top, please check YouTube.

The innovation of Tetra Top® Separable Top is a response to consumers’ increasing demand for better solutions to facilitate recycling, especially where waste management infrastructure calls for it,” says Charles Brand, Vice President Marketing and Product Management at Tetra Pak.

Tetra Top® is a package that combines the convenience of a bottle with the contemporary look and feel of a carton package. It is suitable for chilled products and ambient still drinks – at home and on-the-go. The option of Separable Top is made available for customers at no additional cost. Arla Foods in Denmark and Sweden has already introduced Tetra Top® with Separable Top into its product range.

“It was very well received by all our key stakeholders,” says Ann Bergman, Senior Manager Marketing & Brand yoghurt and fermented at Arla Foods Sweden. “Over 80% of consumers appreciated the possibility to be able to separate the top and 77% said that they would recycle more*.  We now have over 35 product variants in the Yoggi and Arla range with Tetra Top® with Separable Top on the Swedish market. For us it was a great benefit to be able to launch without adding cost”.

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